Smoothflow Pulleys is proud to offer belt
wrap kits for the GenV powered L67!  
These are for those of you who are
running smaller pulleys and need extra
belt contact on the supercharger pulley to
reduce belt slip.  

The bar is machined from rust proof and
very strong stainless steel.

This kit includes pulleys which are
machined from billet T6-6061 aluminum
and anodized for a wear resistant finish.  

This system is not only very effective but it
is a very cost efficient means of controlling
boost loss from belt slip under high
performance applications.

Note: Currently you will need to your own
M8X1.25 thread cap screws as different
intercooler applications require different
length bolts.  What you can do is measure
your current bolt and add 1/2" to it to get
the new size you'll need.
Belt Wrap Kit: 140.00
Here at Smoothflow Pulleys and Machining we have been making moduler supercharger pulley
systems since 2003 and have had thousands of satisfied Customers!
We've been making supercharger pulleys since 2004
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