Were you able to find a good deal on a
Smoothflow pulley and just need the hub
and hardware?  Here's the product for
you!  It's a Smoothflow stainless steel hub
and includes the 5 required bolts + 2
extra as well as an allen wrench.  
Smoothflow Stainless Steel
Hub & Screws: 50.00
Here at Smoothflow Pulleys and Machining we have been making moduler supercharger pulley
systems since 2003 and have had thousands of satisfied Customers!
Only the highest quality materials are used
Smoothflow Pulleys produces everything  with the highest standards in the U.S.A.
Modular pulley systems, MPS, for Grand Prix GTP, Bonneville SSEi, Mustang Cobra,
Cobalt SS, Ion Redline, Ford Harley Davidson, Ford Lightning, Buick Regal GS,
Pontiac GTO